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Our Advice

Our staff will advise you based on your skin phototype, your objectives, by dosing the duration, the type of device and the spacing of sessions, because we do not all react equally to the sun.

At RM SHINE we strive to adhere to strict safety guidelines so that you can tan safely with peace of mind.

To safely get a good tan

  • Wear special uv glasses at each session.
  • Allow 48 hours between 2 tanning sessions.
  • Do not undergo more than one session per day.
  • Do not use activating creams that are not suitable for tanning in tanning cabins/booths.
  • Have thoroughly cleaned skin before the session. We have the necessary products for makeup removal at your disposal.
  • Always use our machines with the lid down.
  • Access to the cabins is forbidden to minors and limited to one person at a time.